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Marketing Cynic’s Reader

A5 - 162pp

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I feel this is an entertaining and informative book (I’m biased) where I take a sideways and sometimes (often) irreverent swipe at the business of marketing, whilst offering sound and experience-based guidance (gained from all my years in marketing) about marketing communications. My long experience in the business has given me what I consider a somewhat rich seam of alarming, highly comical  and downright scary examples of marketing people getting it seriously  wrong - and seriously right sometimes too. I also add a number of “soap-box meanderings” whilst tripping lightly through marketing minefields. This book is intended to stimulate the reader’s interest in the techniques of marketing with an  entertaining and humorous collection of stories that is hoped will appeal alike to newcomers and old hands in the business. Apart from being a great book for travel reading, it will provide anyone in marketing with a source of how to’s and how not to’s. However, I unfortunately wrote it before being able to offer an explanation as to why current, for example television advertising, is so horrifically poor and imaginative, where all they seem to be able to do is ask you to do is “snack happy, colour yourself happy, move happy or drive happy”.

A5 - 162pp

£14.99 from bookstores or from

£8.00 + p&p on Amazon

ISBN1-85252-404-9 - Paperback

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1.     Set the ‘Tome’ 2.     The fine art of conversation 3.     Statements, statements and statements 4.     Welcome to the wacky world of communications 5.     Leading and other linguistics 6.     So you’re an internal communications dude! 7.     And internal communications strategy - getting it     together 8.     It’s not what you do but the way that you do it 9.     It’s not what they do, it’s the way they don’t do it 10.     So you’re an external communications (PR) dude! 11.     Are you what you read 12.     My gawd, we have a crisis 13.     A very, very speedy look at marketing 14.     Pointless without point of sale 15.     Place it here! Or there! 16.     Faking it 17.     A quick look at research - what a  mystery! 18.     Advertising 19.     Loyalty counts 20.     Everything’s relative, but of course you can’t choose      your relatives 21.     Priorities 22.     Internet, outernet, between the net 23.     Making a spectacle of yourself 24.     Making an exhibition of yourself 25.     Sales shmales 26.     Let’s keep those customers 27.     I blame the media 28.     Keep it simple, keep them sweet, but for heaven’s sake,     keep them 29.     Be sincere, even if you don’t mean it 30.     Junk mail and CRM