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HR Cynic’s Reader

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ISBN 9-781326-566197

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Having written 'The Marketing Cynics Reader' some ten years ago very much based on my years of experience in marketing communications, a friend of mine suggested that given my utter loathing and contempt for HR (Human Resources), I should perhaps write an equivalent 'HR Cynics Guide'. So, having undertaken much research, I discovered that I knew as much about HR as the average HR practitioner - that is, virtually nothing (sorry, I DO fully acknowledge my cruelty to those who really are professional, dedicated and hard-working personnel people).  My friend and I concluded that armed with this total and complete lack of knowledge about the subject, I would indeed be extremely well-placed to write an objective book about it. Or was that an objectionable book? Either way, the "HR Cynics Reader" has been born. "A book of bits, or a bit of a book", to quote my hero Spike Milligan. Either way, my conviction is that many of the loathsome, deeply mistrustful and often quite facile practices in HR today are very much responsible for the malaise that has struck modern recruitment and employment in the UK. It now firmly seems to take one step forwards and two, if not three steps back on almost a daily basis in terms of both quality and ethics. And it’s not that HR people are necessarily bad people; thankfully, as should be the case, a healthy majority of them are nice, upstanding, fellow human beings. It’s just they are so dreadful at what they do. Or good at what they Jeremy Clarkson borrowed my Blog - details here Guide to carbooting - details here Marketing Cynics Reader -  details here Why spoil the Story with a few Facts? - details here
 can’t and don’t do. And the actual ‘profession’ (maybe it’s vying for the position of oldest in the world – they have a lot in common!) itself has become a total and expensive waste of space, time and trouble. I’m speaking from bitter experience, in fact very bitter experience, having on one occasion having been at the receiving end of the most amateurish, dishonest and corrupt HR procedures I have ever encountered in my entire working life. Rather sadly, I had to walk away with a ‘financial result’ prior to it being heard at tribunal. At the time, I really regretted not having sufficient funds in the bank to allow me have my day at the tribunal so I could have fully exposed the entire evil charade and the witless, dishonest people perpetuating it. This was especially annoying, as I had the business editor of the local regional newspaper chomping at the bit to attend the proceedings and expose the lot of them, including their rather aggressive and quite nasty (and in the opinion of my own solicitor, almost bordering on the unethical) legal people. Unfortunately, as with all cowards who are frightened of having their sordid truths exposed, there is now a gagging order in place, as plainly those who construed the whole affair are extremely embarrassed that it might get out. As witnessed on the rogue trader segment of the BBC’s ‘Watchdog’ consumer programme, those who are the guiltiest and/or the most embarrassed always seem to seek the most anonymity. A word of warning though; if you are easily offended . . . . . . . . don't buy my "Jeremy Clarkson Borrowed my Blog" books either!