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I’ll give you 50p- any

mobile phones?



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“I’ll give you 50p! Any mobile phones?” The two statements guaranteed to strike fear into any hobbyist car boot seller in the UK. This small, but informative and I hope entertaining book, is intended to be a rough guide to the art of car booting – the dos and don’ts, the have-dones and the shouldn’t have-dones - as well as some examples and other stories thrown in. Be warned though - I do stray off topic occasionally and then ends up on my rather cynical and satirical soap box! Enjoy, but remember, at car boot sales, caveat emptor (‘let the buyer beware’) applies. Oh! Nearly forgot. Also remember, cave ne venditor (‘let the seller beware’) also applies, as if you have something of value that you aren’t aware of, it will be snapped up, and cheekily, nearly always at a discount off the price you want to get. Car boot sales, as a rule, are not the places to dispose of items of value. Jeremy Clarkson borrowed my Blog - details here Marketing Cynics Reader - details here HR Cynics Reader -  details here Why spoil the Story with a few Facts? - details here


1.     Introduction 2.     The car boot customer 3.     YOU the car boot customer 4.     The management 5.     The seller 6.     Selling strategies 7.     Stock and display 8.     Essential items 9.     So what sells well at the humble car boot sale? 10.     A few notes for those thinking of making it their     business 11.     They think it’s all over - well it is now! 12.     A few anecdotes to finish This book was published August 2011, so do note some legislation in relation to finance may change or has changed. Also, apologies in advance as it has not been re-volumed to eradicate some littorals which crept into the first edition. Jeremy Clarkson borrowed my Blog - instant digital downloads here, paperback orders here