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My writings

Here you will find the books that I have written, available in various print and e-book formats. They are available from either those nice people at at Lulu (The Marketing Cynic’s Reader is available from Amazon, W H Smith or bookshops only) or you can download e-versions of directly from this website here.

The Marketing Cynic’s Reader

This was my first book, published back in 2001, as an informative book taking a sideways and sometimes irreverent swipe at the business of marketing, whilst offering sound and experience-based guidance about marketing communications. All very much written with, at the time, some 25 years in the sector. Only available in paperback. Further details click here

The HR Cynic’s Reader - published July 2016

An altogether very satirical swipe at the HR (personnel) industry examining some of the quite unethical and downright farcical practices that occur before, during and after the modern recruitment process. Included are the origins of HR itself and the good intentions it once had, together with a look at some of the pitfalls to avoid when confronted with less than ethical HR practices that seem to now dominate recruitment. Also, an attempt is made to unravel some of the reasons HR has worsened over the years and is now perceived as less Human Resources and more Human Remains, or even, as some refer to it, the clipboard culture of the Department of Business Destruction. Ebook, (click here) paperback (click here) Further details click here

Jeremy Clarkson borrowed my Blog

This is, as I humourously describe it, a ‘four-book’ trilogy, each containing a series of non-news (fake) news stories satirically based on the real news of the day,  although some have remarked to me that there could well be an element of truth in some of them!  No politician, celebrity, non-celebrity, banker, institution or brand is safe with all  equally pilloried for all they are worth - or for that matter, not worth. Further details click here

“I’ll give you 50p - any mobile phones?”

The statements guaranteed to strike fear into any hobbyist car boot seller in the UK. A quick and somewhat humourous look (with advice) at the art of car-booting in the UK. Further details click here

Why spoil the Story with a few Facts

The autobiography of no one in particular. Well it's about me actually! From birth, through my schooling to higher education daze (missing some bits - Volume 2 to follow), working as a photographer and journalist, all the aforementioned in Dublin, then moving to England. There are some noticeable gaps, but then there wouldn't be a Volume 2 if there weren't gaps. Any resemblance to persons either living or dead is purely intentional. Further details click here Currently in the pipeline at the moment is a novel (Icelandic adventure)! Watch this space.
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